How to Stop Procrastinating with Assignments

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It can be hard to beat procrastination because it’s often easy to reason that something else you could be doing is just as important. It’s especially likely that you’ll fall into this trap when you have an assignment that’s difficult or boring (perhaps both). If you end up leaving it until the night before the due date, though, you’ll be frantically trying to finish in time. As a result, your work will be lower quality than it could have been, you’ll feel exhausted, and your brain will be in a fog for the rest of the day. No one wants to feel like that. The solution is to stop procrastinating — here’s how.

1. Set Smaller Targets

Your ultimate goal is to finish your assignment; however, this can feel overwhelming. For this reason, it’s better to give yourself smaller targets to work toward. These could include finishing the required reading, writing just one section of your assignment, or even getting your notes in order.

2. Organize Your Schedule

Stop figuring things out as you go along and create a detailed schedule to follow. Make a note of all the due dates for your assignments and work backward to figure out when you’ll need to achieve each of the targets you set above. Aim to finish the assignment some time before the deadline. This will give you a buffer in case any activities take longer than you expect or sudden obligations pop up.

3. Start with the Most Difficult Tasks

When dividing your assignment into parts, plan to do the hardest things first. Once you’ve done these, you’ll have a huge weight off your mind and the rest of your assignment will be much easier to complete. You can also apply this tactic to studying for different classes over the course of a day: begin with the class you find the most difficult and leave the least challenging until last. Difficult classes will seem harder still if you study for them at the end of the day when you’re tired.

4. Figure Out How Long You Can Stay Focused

Your targets may be unreasonable if you’re expecting to study for hours at a time. Most people are only able to stay focused for between 50 and 90 minutes. To figure out what you’re able to do, time yourself. You may find that you need to start off at the lower end and that you’re able to work up to the full 90 minutes with practice.

5. Remove Distractions

It’s impossible to stay focused for long if you’re faced with distractions. You may find it too tempting to look at your phone whenever you receive a notification, or maybe your roommate constantly wants to talk to you. Whatever the case, there are ways to cope with distractions, whether this means turning off your phone or studying somewhere you can be alone.

6. Take Breaks in Between

Make the most of the time available to you by taking short breaks of 10 to 30 minutes. You can use your breaks to do other things on your to-do list, which will eliminate any excuses for procrastination. Alternatively, just relax to give your mind a rest. Consider spending a few minutes scrolling through social media (but time yourself to stay on track), do a short workout, or take a brief walk outside.

7. Reward Yourself

Every time you reach one of your targets, reward yourself. Choose something simple yet incentivizing for your small targets and save something bigger for when you complete the entire assignment. You may even like to base the reward on the grade you receive.

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The College Student’s Halloween Bucket List

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Halloween is one of the most enjoyable holidays of the year — especially for college students. To take full advantage of everything Halloween has to offer, it helps to create a bucket list. You can then try to check different things off your list every year you’re at college.

1. Attend a Party

The top item on your list needs to be attending a Halloween party. The best thing about Halloween parties is they give you the chance to show off your creative side with a costume. You could even coordinate costumes with a group of friends — this is ideal if you’re not sure what to wear on your own. Since it’s likely you’ll be invited to several parties, you could also try to attend various over the course of one night for a true college experience.

2. Hit the Bars

An alternative to party hopping is a bar crawl. Bars that hold Halloween-themed activities (such as costume contests and other games) are extra fun, although others may have special Halloween drinks for you to try.

3. Go to a Haunted House

Research what places in your city are holding haunted attractions and ask friends to join you. From haunted houses to hayrides, each attraction will have something different to offer in terms of scares, although most will involve someone jumping out at you when you least expect it. This is a great option if you want a thrill now and something to laugh about later.

4. Find Your Own Haunted Spot

If you consider yourself a ghost hunter, real haunted spots may appeal to you even more. Grab a group of adventurous friends and head to a cemetery or abandoned building. Just make sure your safety comes first and that you’re not violating any trespassing laws.

5. Hold a Movie Night

There’s no need to go out to have a great time on Halloween. In fact, it can be fun to stay in and have a movie night. Choose something scary to watch and stock up on plenty of snacks.

6. Go to the Movie Theatre

Another option is to go to a movie theatre to see the latest scary release. Everyone being terrified together creates a great atmosphere.

7. Start a Pumpkin Carving Competition

Invite your friends to each carve a pumpkin and either decide together or appoint a judge to determine who created the best one. You can use a template for a jack-o-lantern or come up with your own design. This idea is even better if you spend a day before at a pumpkin patch to find the perfect pumpkin. You’ll likely find that local farms have some fun Halloween activities — and not just for kids.

7. Make Some Treats

Halloween is also about candy! If you want something truly delicious, make some candy with friends. You can then give it to trick-or-treaters, take it along to a party, or eat it yourself at your movie night.

8. Have a Themed Potluck

Take your cooking a step further by hosting a potluck. Each of your friends can bring whatever they like, but it’s best of all if dishes take ghoulish forms or are Halloween themed in some other way — maybe you could use that pumpkin from your jack-o-lantern for a fun, seasonal recipe.

If you want to invite friends over to your place for Halloween, you need a larger space than what you gain with on-campus student housing. Barrie students can rent a room in a spacious apartment at Foundry Georgian, just 10 minutes away from campus. Secure your spot now before it’s too late.

Easy Décor Ideas for Student Apartments

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One of the best things about moving into a student apartment is the chance to decorate your home however you like. You’ll want to create a space that expresses who you are and looks fantastic for Instagram photos, but the concept also needs to be easy and inexpensive to achieve. Certain types of décor meet all these requirements and are particularly ideal for students.

Wall Space for Storage

To gain more storage, take advantage of the walls. For instance, you can install floating shelves in your bedroom, hooks in the hallway for coats and keys, and a ladder shelf above the toilet.

Storage Baskets

Another great way to gain storage is with baskets. This looks much more attractive than fabric storage bags, meaning you can keep them out in full view.

If you have the space, you can also push some baskets under your bed and into your closet. Use these baskets to store things like clean sheets, blankets, out-of-season clothing, and laundry. In addition, smaller baskets are ideal for anything you use frequently in the bathroom.

A Coffee Station

The likelihood is you’ll be buying a coffee maker for your student apartment. With a coffee station, you can turn this into the centrepiece of your kitchen. Install it either on a countertop or bar cart along with everything else you’ll need to make the perfect cup of coffee, including pods or grounds, mugs, spoons, sugar, and creamer.

Decorations Around Your Desk

You may decide to put personal items on your desk to motivate or inspire you. The downside is they’ll create clutter and make it more difficult to study. You’ll soon find that you’re pushing things out of the way and your desk looks a mess. To avoid this, a better option is to decorate around your desk. Again, you can use the walls, but you can also take steps to make the space more comfortable, such as with a cushion on your chair.

Fairy Lights

Brighten up the walls in the rest of your bedroom, and perhaps the living room, with fairy lights. As well as simple strings of tiny bulbs, there are fun shapes and colours to choose from.

Mirrors in Every Room

Mirrors make rooms appear larger and brighter. Nail small mirrors to the walls, hang one over your closet door, and prop up a floor mirror where it will reflect light from a window.

Floor Poufs

A classier version of a beanbag is a floor pouf. These add style to your living room and provide you with a more affordable type of seating than expensive furniture like chairs and couches. Plus, when no one is sitting on them, floor poufs make great footrests.

Temporary Wallpaper

Peel-and-stick wallpaper is easy to apply and you can remove it without damaging the wall when you move out. Find a vibrant design and add it to just one wall to create an accent wall.

Plenty of Plants

Plants always make your home welcoming — and you can put them just about anywhere. If you’ve never taken care of plants before, choose some easy ones that require minimal care.

Before you can start planning how you’ll decorate, you need to find the perfect student apartment. Receive a room for rent near Georgian College, Barrie, at Foundry Georgian. You’ll have your own bedroom and an en-suite bathroom to decorate however you want, along with a living room and kitchen you’ll share with four other students. Contact us today to secure your spot before all the leases are taken.